Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Act of Courage – Just Do it!
By Felicia R. Beard

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“Just Do It”.  Interesting little phrase branded by Nike, that is quite impactful.  Of course, this phrase has been used by many for generations but Nike grabbed hold and ran with it (both figuratively and literally).  And why not!  It makes sense, especially when you are an apparel company created to provide clothing for athletes and individuals who “just do it” every day.  Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign ingeniously inspires courageous acts to make something happen.  It inspires competition, whether that be against an opponent or team; or competition within yourself to improve your current state or achieve a goal. Regardless, it pushes people to win by motivating them to “do”. You can’t even conceive of winning if you don’t “do”.

I have met a number of people who are interested in starting a business. Some have many reasons for why they cannot attain this goal –i.e., not enough money, no staff, lacking expertise in certain area, etc. These are good reasons but ultimately these are excuses!  Truth is where there is a will there certainly is a way, especially in the capitalist nation of the United States of America. Our country thrives on the creation of small businesses and has created a number of resources to support, strengthen and grow business. Unfortunately, if you are not courageous and allow your excuses to hold you hostage you will never know the beauty and reward of owning a business. You will be like the person who dreams of cycling for the U.S.A. Olympic team but never buys a bike.

The 2nd Quarter Fiscal Report for the Nike Company states their revenues at a 15% increase to $7.4 billion (see Your company may not be a Nike today but even Nike began somewhere…I am betting they started by “Just Doing It!”

Start your business today.  Be courageous, take your first step and do it!